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Since Telnet Connect was founded in 2009 we have helped companies from mid-sized regional to local non-profits save thousands on their telecom solutions while building new capabilities for their businesses. We offer our services in all 50 states plus Canada and Puerto Rico. The principles, Mr. Levine and Ms. Sadlo have over 40 years of telecom experience and they pride themselves on understanding current and future business needs and combining that knowledge with their extensive background in telecomm to “right size” and “future proof” the solution. We will be your on call expert, guides and advocates.

Clients will tell you they get better value, saving as much as 20 or 30%, when they use us. Repeat clients will tell you their bills frequently go down again when they renew. We handle everything end to end and make sure your service is delivered on time with no hassles. Give us a call or email us today - - you have nothing to lose as we do all the work, there are no fees, and no obligations.

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Mel Levine

Mel Levine

Mr. Levine is a telecom expert with over 40 years’ experience identifying, defining and launching growth opportunities for companies. Mr. Levine is the President of Telnet Connect which has been helping businesses of all sizes save money for their telecommunications requirements for more than 6 years.

Before starting Telnet Connect, Mr. Levine was the CEO of Bluemax Ventures, a rural wireless internet service provider.

For 12 years prior to that, Mr. Levine held senior management roles at AT&T and BellSouth. As Director of Marketing at BellSouth Multimedia Services, he was instrumental in the launch of Americast (BellSouth’s Video product) and BellSouth.net.

From 2000-2006, at BellSouth Science & Technology and at BellSouth Product Marketing he led the wireless internet product development and oversaw the market launch of the BellSouth Wireless Broadband Service, the first wireless broadband product to be offered by a RBOC. In 2007, he assumed the position of Director of Product Management at ATT Consumer Products.

Before joining BellSouth, Mr. Levine joined IBM out of college for a 25 years career where he held management positions in software development, marketing & sales, and business planning. For more information on Mr. Levine, visit his profile on LinkedIn:

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